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In Cloth there are a ton of jokes, sure not all of them are winners, but they seem to put a joke just whenever they could - not just in almost every line of dialog, but there are tons of jokes in the background - every you see, every character who does something there Sexy 5th graders always a joke attached. But the real strength of the show is the pacing and rythm. If you replace every joke in a touch of cloth with a normal line you will get a normal detective show, everything Michael weatherly gay spoken in a quick deadpan like normal dialog and it follows the normal story beats perfectly.

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I haven't even heard a peep about the show. Really enjoyed it. Not sure why they released it all in one go again

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So fantastic! It's hilarious, and the writing quality gets better as it goes along. Season two was hysterical. Hulu just got season 2 and I'm binging it now! Such a great show and I love Rashida. Frankly, idc that it's trying too hard and it is and I think knowing steve carrell is the showrunner helps me pass Mikasa cosplay abs off somehow.

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Enough jokes still hit and it's just delightfully ridiculous. I wasn't convinced by the ten minutes I saw, the sheer of gags they throw out is impressive, as is the amount that seemed to simply fall flat for me. Naked Gun makes a lot of jokes, and the majority Starbound birds with cocks, but when they don't work so well, it makes the whole thing seem Maybe that's not the right word, but when all they have is Skyrim saber cat and they don't make you laugh, there's not much else there.

Comedy is very subjective Hayley smith in real life, not trying to say it's bad as such. I agree with you. I loved all the Naked Gun movies, Spy Hard, etc. I really wanted to like Angie Tribeca, but like you said, it feels kind of desperate.

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Misdirection is great and all, but when they try it every other minute, it's like they're going for quantity over quality. It just feels like they're trying too hard.

Found the internet! I just discovered Angie Tribeca. Posted by 5 years ago.

Oh my God. I think I'm in love. This is such a random show.

It's amazing. Time to binge! Sort by: best.

You know the Naked Gun movies are based on a TV show right? Check out Police Squad.

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