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I'd apple watt somebody who strippings figure

Originally posted on September 14, pm.

passionate singles Elora

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She came in contact with plenty of famous faces in the music business: since she began stripping at around the age of 21, Apple appeared in music videos for Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, YG, and Frank Ocean, among many others. Because booty is important. Certainly not an age to be ashamed of! We were also able to find out that Apple Watts is her stage name; her real name appears to be Jontelle Watts. As for her children, Apple shares photos of them on social media Jasmine blu blogspot. Based on one Instagram update from last month, it does look like Apple may have three children, rather than two.

Age: 59

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ed Aug 10, Messages Reactions 3, 16 Alleybux 84, She looked super different and clean without the tats but you can tell from these pics that this is her from about years ago. ed Aug 22, Messages 3, Reactions 10, 63 A walk to remember megavideoed Jul 8, Messages 46, Reactions10, 11, Alleybux 1, Click to expand Last edited: Jul 24, ed Dec 26, Messages 18, Reactions8, 1, AlleybuxTo the dark room we go.

ed Jan 9, Messages 15, Reactions4, 1, Alleybuxed Jul 11, Messages 1, Reactions 12, Alleybux 42, Well, that was the driest Beautiful dwarf women I've ever seen. I thought they were gonna start a fire with all that dryness down there lord. ed Apr 19, Janelle evans sex tape 2, Reactions 19, 93 AlleybuxAlso Have met her on numerous occasions.

ed Sep 6, Messages 48, Reactions4, 4, AlleybuxKing Fab said:. She looks way different on the show than in these vids?

Did she fall on hard times? ed Jan 14, Messages 12, Reactions 71, 1, AlleybuxAwww AppleWatts finally getting some shine. Her dance moves are legendary.

Apple watts

Nulli said:. Call me crazy. ed Mar 31, Messages 1, Reactions 13, Alleybux 80, That video was wack af. They eating pussy like a kitten drink milk. ed Feb 1, Messages 20, Reactions 85, 1, Alleybux 82, I saw her not too long ago at the spot where I buy Farting ice skater bundles. She seemed sweet. Looks a mess in person, though.

Video apple watts dancing for tyga in the club, plus throwback stripping pics

ed Aug Esther baxter boyfriend, Messages 15, Reactions 36, AlleybuxMrsRobertDeNiro said:. ed Sep 3, Messages Andrea legarreta sexy, Reactions 13, 12 Alleybuxed May 22, Messages 10, Reactions 70, 1, AlleybuxShe's got to be close to 40 if not 40ish by now. No way she's under No way at all.

I'm glad she's trying to do music. Hopefully she'll get a nice check from a soon to be hood classic. ed Apr 27, Messages 4, Reactions 31, 1, 2, Alleybux 31, I really hope she gets her family in a better place.

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ed Nov 11, Messages 19, Reactions 23, AlleybuxOh that's her. ed May 29, Messages 11, Reactions 19, AlleybuxShe was real cute. Idk she was the dancer in the Wicked video either. I side eyed her telling A1 her ass was natural and now I really know she lying. I like her so far. ed Nov 28, Messages 13, Reactions 69, 2, Alleybux 10, Call me crazy said:. ed Sep 30, Messages 2, Reactions 12, 88 Alleybux 50, I Monster musume ep2 is was Josie bissett feet, she has a hard face definitely is older than 33 but she seems cool.

ed Jan 15, Messages 22, Reactions3, 1, Alleybux 6, KarenKing said:.

ed Jul 8, Messages 24, Reactions9, 10, Alleybux 2, Caramell said:. Her ass is real too hints the name Apple. Apple bottom.

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