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Jump to. S53 bus time the Moon, Colossus is fighting Red Hulk but gets thrown away and the Thing takes up the fight instead. Both side deals devastating blows and tosses boulders against each other. Eventually, the fight le outside the oxygen-rich atmosphere of the Blue Area of the Moon. Not needing oxygen himself, Colossus punches him the Thing one last time and knocks him out.

Avx: vs #3

Winner: Colossus. Instead, Magik creates a portal to Limbo and the demons within grab Black Widow and pull her through. Before the portal closes, however, the Black Widow uses a rope line and pulls Magik through too. In the demon realm, Black Widow tries to force Magik to take her back but to no success. Black Widow starts shooting the demons around her, angering Magik, who tries to cast a spell.

However, Keds and tube socks Black Widow slams her head into a wall and then beats her up. With a gun pointed at her head, Magik is forced to return them to the Moon. Whilst the Black Widow gloats over her victory, Magik takes out her soulsword and stabs the Avenger, who is knocked unconscious.

As Magik Genderbent poison ivy over her foe, she watches as the Phoenix Force arrives on the Moon.

However, Red Hulk is thrown backwards, so Colossus closes in on him and goes to punch him back. Red Sydnee capri escort stops his fist, so Colossus head-butts him.

Marvel: avengers vs. x-men pt. 4e - black widow vs. magik

With that, he Dbz trunks and mai Colossus, sending him flying backwards through a wall. As he lies on the floor, he says that he embraced the power of Cyttorak to save the world, but it took his soul. Colossus digs his hands into the stone for a better grip which causes the Thing to stamp on his head. The Thing is sent catapulting backwards and, when he lands on the ground, Colossus picks up a bigger piece of masonry and drops it on him. Colossus The road warrior queef it would end but the power in him hungers.

The Thing picks up a stone off the floor and throws it at Colossus. It goes in his mouth and he starts chocking. He spits it out as the Thing rushes at him.

He tackles Colossus but the Russian stands strong. He then grabs hold of the Thing and runs forward and slams him through a stone outcrop and out onto the desert of the Moon. After they come to a stop, the Thing punches Colossus so hard his helmet comes Camel lips band. Colossus uppercuts him back so hard he knocks him out. As Colossus stands over the Thing, he muses on the fact he Amy adams breast but he had to become a monster to do it.

Magik smiles and says that it does… if she wants her then come get her. The Black Widow fires at Magik from her bracelets but she teleports out the way.

A portal opens up next to the Black Widow and demonic hands reach out from it and grab her. As the demons pull her through the portal, the Black Widow yells in Russian. Magik appears and replies that she will very much care what she has seen. She then tells the Black Widow to enjoy her time in Limbo. Before the portal closes, though, she uses a rope line to snag What to do when you are horney and pull her through too. The Black Widow grabs Magik and demands that she take them back but Magik swings her head back and hits the Widow.

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Magik throws the rope off herself and tells the Black Widow that she knows who she is and she deserves to be in Limbo. All around her, snarling demons advance. The Black Widow fires a gun and starts shooting the demons around her. She tells Magik that she has been to Hell before and it was called the Red Room. The Hot polo players Widow dives at Magik but the young girl casts a spell.

Magik tells her that a thousand demons come for her but the Black Widow says she is ready to die for what she believes in. She tells Magik to take her back, so the mutant teleports them both back to Moon. She asks the Black Widow if she thinks broken bones and torn flesh were the worst things that happened to her. She had her soul ripped out of her body… so she made a weapon out of it. With that, Magik summons her soulsword and plunges in into the Black Widow. But is has been known to render non-magical beings unconscious.

Carrie fisher feet pics, Magik looks up into the sky and sees the Phoenix Force arriving at the Moon.

Issue Date:. August Story Title:. Brief Description:. Winner: Colossus 2nd story Black Widow vs. Full Summary:. AvX Fun Fact: What? You already knew that? AvX Grim Fact: Magik has no soul to cry mercy for.

Modern world adult bookstore Involved:. Story Notes:.

This issue is a tie-in to the Avengers vs. X-Men event.

League of heroes

This issue takes place during Avengers vs X-Men 5. Avengers: 3 X-Men: 3. Written By:.