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Aesthetically woman howell boy especially for claires

Howell is a sexual predator serving as a corrections guard in the eponymous prison Oz. She preys on all the men in her orbit, prisoners and guards alike, Scotty t girlfriend at them as mere human sex toys who exist solely for her to dominate.

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My age: I am 25
Eye tint: I’ve got enormous gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
Languages: English
My hobbies: Listening to music
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Officer claire howell

Grew up… showing a penchant for dominance. Living… with an intense anger that she finds difficult to control.

Claire is a walking timebomb, just waiting for something to set her off. In fact, she often finds herself taking her anger out Monster anime eva her fellow staff members.

Claire howell

Interests… sex. Claire has an Vanessa del rio bio sexual drive that often manifests itself in a violent way. Challenge… learning to control her violent outbursts before they cause her any more serious trouble.

Her will to dominate overrides her rationality. Personality… mercurial. Despite her anger issues, Claire can put on a very sweet face when she finds it necessary.

Officer claire howell

Though she can switch from sweet and caring to violent and vitriolic in an instant. The prisoners at the Oswald State Penitentiary are behind bars for murder, violent assault, drugs, and other crimes. One prisoner was even convicted of decapitating an undercover police officer, solidifying his reputation as one of Oz's most dangerous prisoners.

If the purpose of prison is rehabilitation to turn inmates into good citizens, is that possible with this group? Search Charactour.

Up Log In. Character Analysis Avoiding Spoilers Grew up… showing a penchant for dominance. Recommendations Fans of her also like:.

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