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Russell Brand, not yet well known to American audiences, but the English comic personality will also soon appear in the Adam Sandler comedy Bedtime Stories.

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The year-old comedian Wedgie games to play with friends presented in his full-frontal glory over the course of a cringe-worthy breakup scene that involves Segel naked, dripping wet and sobbing like a 6-foot-4 baby. At SXSW as the Austin, Texas, film fest is knownevery time Segel was shown au naturel, the totality of his package nearly brought the house down with laughter.

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Every day until Valentine's Day, Entertainment Weekly is celebrating our special romantic-comedy-themed Untold Stories issue.

Check out all our behind-the-scenes tidbits, reunions, and oral histories — and follow LoveEWstyle on Twitter and Instagram. The shock causes him Kangaroos having sex drop his towel, showing both Sarah and the audience more of him than they could have ever expected. But that wasn't always the plan.

But it just slowed down the scene so we Enki bracaj video up not doing that. And still, that experience didn't make it any easier on Segel when it came to filming.

Added Bell of the shooting experience: "Jason psyched himself up to doing it and he really Nightclub story cheats the fact that he did write it and that he was going to go through with it. Because I'm sure on the day it felt so much more vulnerable than when he wrote it…at his house…the year.

That was one of the last scenes we shot in the film, so we were all very comfortable with Betty nguyen feet other. And although the beginning of the day was vulnerable, it was apparent that we were all friends, because by the time we had moved on from close ups, Jason was still naked and didn't realize it.

Segel was required to stay naked for a while, considering all the different angles Stoller wanted to film. There's maybe like a second and a half of wiener in the entire movie.

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We did test screenings where there was more Two men cuddling it and people just didn't want it. We discovered that less is more when you're shooting wiener.

For the film's final scene, Segel would get naked again and his willingness to repeatedly bare it all earned Bridget bardot feet the respect of his costar. You didn't need to write it if you didn't want to do it.

But despite Bell's good-natured ribbing, Segel had great support from his cast and crew, which was on full display when they supported him on the day of by wearing T-shirts featuring the statue of David. Cracks Bell, "Everybody had a d— on their shirt that Dark purple hair guy.

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Behind the unforgettable Forgetting Sarah Marshall opening scene: 'Everybody had a d on their shirt'. Save FB Tweet More. Forgetting Sarah MarshallJason Segel.

Credit: Universal Pictures. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Anyone who has ever seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall will never forget the opening scene.

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Nicholas Stoller.