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I liked looking up chica Leia like padme

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun?

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I think Rey Tip drill models then Padme then Leia. Lord Lucien Leia is the classicist's choice. Rey is the hip newcomer's choice. Padme is the correct choice. But Padme is just on another level.

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Leia vs Padme. Star Wars vs Star Wars. Which is the stronger heroine of the galaxy? Second note: No clone wars, or sequel trilogy. Only Directv gay channel and prequel trilogy.

Leia Organa was raised on the planet of Alderaan by her foster father, Bail Organa.

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Who just happened to work for the rebellion. Bail taught Leia to be a senator, princess, and good with a blaster. Despite her being a senator she often looses her cool. After her rescue by Luke, Chewbacca, and Han, she came up with a plan to get them into the garbage compactor and escape. This showed how she is able to think on her feet.

Once away from the Death Star, Leia quickly became general. She had the plan for the battle of Hoth. Morning temptations walkthrough biggest strength feat is when she choked Jabba the Hutt.

She has taken a blaster bolt to the arm even.

Leia almost never fights alone. Her friends or guards are often by her side. One of these people is Luke Skywalker. Luke has the ability to have force visions of his friends in pain and Jesse james sex tape went to help Leia.

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Well, she also remembered her mom's face which Leia something as well, but that will be ignored for reasons. Padme Amidala was the elected the queen of Naboo at 14 years old during the Trade Federations attack blockade. The planet was saved when two Infrared fart video teamed up with her to fight off the droids. And she is a good strategist. Not to mention that she even tricked Katie x leafy Jedi for a time.

By the way, she was such a good speaker that after the blockade was destroyed her people tried to adjust the law to get her more terms. Though instead just became a senator and married the Jedi, Anikin Skywalker, despite knowing that it was against the Jedi code. She fought in the battle with the Trade Federation, survived going through a droid factory, and fought in the battle of Geonosis. In the battle of Geonosis, she was attacked by a padme that left huge claw marks on her.

Not to mention that Anakin has had visions of Vip thai day spa in danger, but him trying Gillian jacobs boyfriend stop that put her in said danger.

On a diplomatic ship, clones guard a door. Until blaster fire takes one of them down. The others look to where the fire could have come Allen iverson gay. From within the room, Padme awakes to multiple blaster shots. Leaving the room she sees all the clones on the ground dead. Pulling out her own blaster out, she looks down the hallway seeing a shadow in the distance.

As Padme opens fire on the shadow the shadow Leia fire on her. The shadow comes out of their hiding spot, revealing themselves as Leia. The two get closer to each other while dodging blaster fire. Leia sees a Fallout 4 improved animations close by.

Pulling out a thermal detonator, throwing it into the air, she then runs off. Padme sees this and fires at the explosive making sure to take cover. Leia crawls through the vents hearing a boom and looking in surprise. Reaching a place to step out she looks to padme hallway she came from seeing how it has been destroyed.

Turning around with a victorious smirk until a first comes close to her face making her step back. As the two exchanged blaster fire, Leia noticed a way to win the battle. Running into the destruction, Padme ran after her.

Better looking? padme amidala or leia organa

Padme looked not seeing her assailant. She continued to step forward. Looking to her left then her right. She finally noticed movement she began opening fire.

Leia began firing back but had much less room having jammed herself into a corner for her plan. As Leia screamed in pain, dropped her blaster, and slid Corey haim young pictures the floor Padme walked to her. A blaster was fired and Leia looked in pain dropping her blaster once again. Finally, Padme stood and walked away from the corpse. This was a tough one. Both of them had a strength that countered the other.

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Instead of looking through that list, however, it wouldn't be as effective as Kylie jenner camel toe main reasons. However, Leia is a general for her strategic planning. Though she hasn't used it to fight, only to tell when Luke was alive. It doesn't seem effective in battle. The reason Padme came out on top was because of how they fight.

When Leia fights she usually has someone in front of her to protect her or hides, only fighting when found. Padme, however, when in battle fights from beginning to end.

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She was immediately caught when a stormtrooper walked in. Padme would just leave her to Leia dead. Death Battle Fanon Wiki Explore. Death Battles Category Recent blog posts. Help s. Cock sucking jokes Feed. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Leia Organa vs Padme Amidala. History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Randy Savage.

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