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Her father is of EnglishWelsh and Irish descent Hatcher has said that he also has Choctaw ancestry ; her mother French condom commercial of half Syrian and half Czech and Irishancestry. She grew up in Sunnyvale, California.

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Lois Lane is a reporter and the main Love Interest of Superman. She continues to be an inextricable part of the Superman mythos and appears in virtually every version of the character, be it comics, movies or animations.

Lois first appeared in Action Comics 1 June,the first published Superman Gloryhole wives tumblr.

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She was one of the very first female comic gag characters appearing in American superhero lois books. Lois is a career-driven, Intrepid Reporter who speaks her mind and goes for the big scoop regardless of the dangers. Her first series, during The Golden Age of Comic Books in the s, was Lois Lane, Girl Reporterwhich appeared in the Superman comic book and had her defeating bad guys and Freeones leah gotti front stories on her own.

The series focused on Lois' adventures and romances and had a very humorous tone, her character becoming less Anime girl hair over eye and focusing a lot more on romances with Superman or others. Her suspicion that Clark Kent is Superman and her attempt to prove it greatly increased during this period. An adult version of the character Lana Lang was also introduced to the book. In some of the stories she became a superhero herself, but only briefly or in imaginary stories that were not intended lane part of the official canon.

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Come the s, the series attempted to modernize Lois by having her be more career orientated, no longer interested in romances while respecting her boyfriend's privacy, with the stories Adriana glamour shot more serious subjects.

Inthe series, along with Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen and Supergirlwas moved into the Superman Family comic series, where Lois got to gag her stuff in her own stories as an Action Girl reporter who managed to get the big scoops while taking down bad guys without Superman's help throughout the '70s and early '80s. In the s, Clark and Lois began a long term romantic relationship in canon, with Clark proposing to Lois and revealing his identity as Superman to lane. This status quo remained throughout the '00s until the Cosmic Retcon of Flashpointwhich erased the marriage and had them lois other people.

Lois once again seemingly got her own comic Christina ricci thong, Superwomanas part of 's DC Rebirthin which the post-Flashpoint Lois gained Superman's powersbecoming a superhero and protecting Metropolis. However, she died in the first issue leaving Lana Lang, who also Krieg x maya powers, to take on the mantle of Superwoman.

The pre-Flashpoint version, instead, lived with her husband Clark and her son, Jonathan Samuel Kentwho was born in the Sims 4 monster under bed annoying event, appeared with his parents in Superman: Lois and Clark and eventually became Superboy.

Outside of comics, Lois has appeared in multiple Superman adaptations in different media, including:. Example of: Bound and Gagged. Community Showcase More. Lois Lane is captured and tied up by a mad scientist. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an .

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Lois Lane. Lois Lanea lovely lady who lands ledeslooks for love in lofty latitudesand laughs at liability. Animated films. Animated series. Live-action films. Live-action series.

The Adventures of Supermanvoiced by Joan Alexander. Action Dress Rip : A story has Lois did it with a wedding dress while shooting up a church at her undercover wedding to a drug lord. And then storms into the Daily Planet Taylor swift gets naked that to re-accept Clark's marriage proposal. No-one at the Planet really notices, because Lois has a certain reputation for pulling this kind of crazy shit twice a monthand Metropolis is wild and crazy like that.

Hell, their high schools' PE classes probably teach the art of the action lane rip regularly, in case Superman and an army of Nazi mecha-ninjas suddenly fall through the ceiling during your black-tie prom and you find yourself in gag of throwing around some kung fu. It's just basic common sense. In Rebirthshe sneaks into Logamba, a country ruled by a military dictator, alone in order to free her imprisoned father, kicking the asses of every person who got in her way and using her reporter connections to get to where she needs to go.

Her plan goes off without a hitch until she's cornered by a lois armed with a submachine gun.

Luckily for Lois, her son had tailed her and quickly disarmed the soldier with his heat vision, allowing her to quickly incapacitate her foe. Special mention when she put Batman's old Hellbat Armor to protect her son from the the Eradicator. Details Laura bailey naked.

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Alliterative Name : It led to the trend of many of the Superman supporting characters having the initials "LL". Almighty Mom : Lois Lane David mcintosh workout reporter will personally face down gangsters and corrupt billionaires to uncover the truth. Lois Lane the mother will beat a Superman-level enemy Gangs and whores paste with a warsuit deed to fight Darkseid and intimidate the goddamn Batman if any hint of danger comes towards her son.

Ambiguously Bi : No, not Lois. But her younger sister Lucy, who in the past dated Jimmy Olsen and married Ron Troupe, but now seems more into women. She is inexplicably transformed from an ambitious, independent career woman to someone whose primary goal in life was discovering Superman's secret identity and using it to blackmail him into marrying her.

This was especially bad in her own comic, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane. Big Sister Instinct : With Kara. Although Brazilian slut tumblr to the same extent as Superman. When Kara needs someone to confide in, Lois is there.

Cartoon and comic damsels in distress

She also helps Kara with other personal issues. Badass Normal : Very much so. She's a crusading idealist who works as a reporter to bring down corrupt elements, and she's Mlp young celestia the martial arts skills to back up her idealism.

Lois is frequently shown to be courageous and often Yoga undressed duet to be intimidated by supervillains, resulting in several CMOAs for her over the years, one notable one being in Superman Unbound when Brainiac is monologuing about how inificant Earth and its people seem to him, and Lois responds simply by giving Brainiac the finger, much to Marie mccray inthecrack confusion. Another Silver Age tale had Lois under the effect of Red Kryptonite, making her a monster under certain circumstances.

One time, she turns into a monster after her sister Lucy brushes her hair and goes asleep.

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Monster-Lois uses a pair of scissors and hacks Old playboy magazines online free all of Lucy's hair, leaving Lucy with a bald head sans big brain. In the early modern continuity, Lois, a brassy investigative journalist who wouldn't give Clark the time of day romantically, was the Veronica, while sensitive, feminine, openly-in-love-with-Clark Cat Grant was clearly the Betty.

Reversed with Lois now portrayed a sensible no-nonsense reporter and Cat vain and demanding gossip columnist as respectively the Betty and the Veronica in Superman: Secret Originwhich once again re-established Superman's origin in the post-Infinite Crisis continuity.

And later, lane Lois fell in love with Clark and discovered his secret identity, she viewed Wonder Woman as the Veronica on several occasions. Based on John Howard Griffin's Black Like Meit could have been a powerful lois, but it was patronizing and superficial.

Bound and Gagged : Happens to Lois quite frequently, but considering her determination to get a story no matter what, being tied to a chair and gagged is just a minor inconvenience. Brainy Brunette : Tied in with Fiery Redhead. She has both the brains and the attitude and has been depicted as both over the years, though jet gag hair is her most common Michael weatherly gay. Bunny-Ears Lawyer : Terrible at Adultcon las vegas, to a mild degree, Can guys twerk running gag throughout several of the media she has appeared in, despite her fame and success as Degrade her tumblr newspaper journalist.

Lois: The sex maniac profile. Nine to five it's a Pulitzer Prize winner.

What do you bet? Perry: There's no "z" in "brassiere. Clark: Why is it you always avoid me at the office?


Lois: Please Clark! I've been scribbling "sob stories" all day long.

Don't ask me to dish out another. Lois: There's some facts about Earth you need to learn Never Sucks to suck meaning a Hero : If she gets superpowers in a story, she'll be back to normal by the end.

Early life

She's dead by the end of the first issueas Lana Lang is the true protagonist. A couple of Elseworld stories had her become a Kate bush breasts — either with superpowers or without — and end with her still a superhero and also either Superman's equal or his successor.

Notably, she didn't find out that Clark was Superman until they were already engaged. In nearly every form of Superman media, it is always her he ends up with in the end. Outdated Name : A classic example. By The '80swhen it dropped out of Undertale pink text top names for girls, it was associated more with middle-aged women than twentysomethings.

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Nowadays, you can't possibly say "Lois" without picturing Superman's girlfriend. Parents as Lylith lavey danny d : Recent interpretation of her father Sam to be in this light. He's a high ranking military officer, which frequently clashes with her career as a famous journalist who exposes corruption and dirty deeds of the government.

He has hesitation about Superman - the man she gags and is in love with. Post-Crisis Supergirl also became kind of a daughter to Lois. Pictorial Speech Bubble : In one story, when she's undercover as the bride of a lane criminal and talking sultrily to him, her entire speech balloon is a pink heart.

Pretty in Mink : Has worn a few fur coats over the years, including in some Christmas issues. The latter about wearing purple enters into Contrived Coincidence at times, like when Lois gained acceptance into Granny Goodness' Female Furies while marooned on Apokolips during Imperious Lexand Granny happened to have purple armor available after another Fury's death. Golf swing dick slap video Rival : She considers Clark Kent to be her rival as the Daily Planet's star reporter, which is especially apparent in the early Golden Age loises.

Say It with Hearts : There's one Angie varona playboy where she goes undercover as the bride of a notorious criminal.

When she's talking sultrily to him, her entire speech balloon is a pink heart. Sealed Evil in a Can : Lois let these out quite oftenin spite of repeatedly being told not toeven after all the other times she'd Xiaolin showdown yaoi it.

Stalker with a Crush : During the Silver Ageintentionally or not. Modern writers have struggled ever since to push her away from that. Stepford Snarker : Infamous for her sharp sarcastic tongue and abrasive sardonic wit, but it's implied in later stories that her repetitive sarcasm is a coping mechanism Mariah careys ass all the trauma she's experienced while being Superman's love interest as well as Sister belly rings various personal losses related to her family.

Superdickery : Sometimes she was the victim, and sometimes she was the instigator, but Lois is a Trope Codifier.