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Wet spot pick after for sex

Wet spots, pillow talk, fighting the urge to sleep, the walk of shame

tight Meghan

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Is This Normal? We put them out there so you wouldn't have to.

How old am I: I am 19
Where am I from: Syrian
Sexual orientation: I like guy
Eyes colour: Cold blue eyes
Hair color: Black
My figure features: My body features is quite chubby
What is my favourite music: My favourite music techno

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The wet patch

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Pillow talk

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Talk relationships. EU Students. Further information. News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Health Sexual health. Go to first unread. Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 8 Young man sfm ago 1. Not what you're looking for? Anonymous 2.

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Report 8 years ago 2. Frankly, I would find it hot. Kabloomybuzz Badges: Report 8 years ago 3. What do you mean by a "wet patch" where?? Sounds normal to me. Report 8 years ago 4. Especially if you are not using condoms, and especially if you've Nutaku shooting girl on your back, yes, the liquids of sex can leave a wet patch on the sheets under your bum.

It's entirely normal, and, yes, some men find it hot. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 5. Original post by unprinted Especially if you Nypd blue sex scene not using condoms, and especially if you've been on your back, yes, the liquids of sex can leave a wet patch on the sheets under your bum. Honeyblonde Badges: 0.

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Report 8 years ago 6. Report 8 years ago 7. Yeah that happens to everybody, is expected and nothing to be embarrassed about. Trill Badges: Report 8 years ago 8. It's pretty normal and an indication that you had a darn good time. Anonymous 3. Report 8 years ago 9. Kagutsuchi Badges: Satsuki nudist beach Report 8 years ago Yes, it's normal. UncertainProspec Badges: 2.

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It's absolutely normal. Report 9 months ago Last edited by ralfie84; 3 months ago. Ridingmyego Badges: 5. Report 8 months ago Anonymous 4.

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During sex your vagina will lubricate itself inside and that will certainly leak out both during and after intercourse. If the male ejaculates inside you then your vagina, which has a self-cleaning action, will eject the semen which his penis has injected. After ejaculation the penis does continue to leak a small amount of semen as the male's urethra is long and will have some semen still inside.

The result is usually wet sheets if you Johnny test as a girl on a bed or wet knickers for you both if you do it not on a bed. Anonymous 5. Quick Reply. Submit reply. Attached files. Write a reply Back to top.

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